Focus Asia Month is coming!!!

Posted by Chau Nguyen on March 10, 2012

We celebrate Focus Asia Month annually in April with so many different activities...

Hey guys!

April is quickly approaching!! Every year, April is known as "Focus Asia Month" at Ithaca College, and we the Asian American Alliance has planned plenty of activities for you guys, ranging from workshops, discussions, to fun game night :D It will be a month full of joy, integration, education and empowerment - you can learn so much about Asian/Asian American cultures. We are so excited that we can't wait to share with you guys! :D

Please follow us on:

* Facebook at

* Twitter at!/IthacaAAA

to get updates on all the events that we're going to have! Besides, we are doing a very special Promotion Campaign for Asia Month, in which a wide range of students on campus are involved with. Please look out for that!

Happy Spring break everyone! We can't wait to see you after break!