Student Organization Registration


When: Saturday, December 1 2012, 9:00 AM to Friday, March 8 2013, 5:00 PM
Location: Campus Wide

Starting August 29th Register your Student Orgnaization! To register follow these steps:

Completed registration form on IC Link.
     Please click the registration tab on your organization's profile. Complete those steps.
     This tab will become available on August 29th at 9am.

10 members listed on IC Link (4 officers- 1 presiding officer; 1 finance manager)
     You can now go to your IC Link Profile and update your roster.
     Remember 10 active members need to be listed above the member list.

A full time Ithaca College adviser with a completed signed Adviser Agreement

Constitution that states the mission statement, membership and the discrimination clause

Complete the Officer Requirement:
     Three officers will be required to complete the officer quiz. This will be available online. I will also have a 2 sessions that you may attend to receive the information in person.
     All Treasurers will be required to complete the treasurer quiz. The quiz will also be available online.


*To start a new organization please meet with Theresa Radley for general Student Organizations and Megan Wagner for Sport Clubs.

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